Communication in Helping Relationships (JNC.1Q)

Cégep Marie-Victorin is providing a credited training program developed specifically for workers in the health and social services field. This training program is created for employees of the DYP, social services, rehabilitation services in Nunavik and the community organizations. This training program will cover many aspects of helping relationships:

Competencies of the credited program leading to a college diploma

Attestation of College Studies (ACS), Communication in Helping Relationships

  • To understand job functions in helping relationships
  • To communicate with clients and members of a work team
  • To gather information about a person’s behaviour and/or situation
  • To communicate with persons in crisis situations
  • To protect one’s personal well-being
  • To apply the competencies developed in the Communication in Helping Relationships program

For this credited program, the students are supervised individually by experienced trainers of Cégep Marie-Victorin.

Training structure

In order to participate in the credited program, students are asked to join a professional integration training program (P.I. Training) to ensure an easier transition into the credited program.

Professional Integration Training

The objective of this training is to develop communication skills and competencies in helping relationships.
The Professional Integration Training is provided in English; it starts in September and continues through April, with each group session lasting for three days. The duration of the P.I. Training depends on the pace of each participant. Every session includes group activities and individual work. Topics covered include developmental psychology, communication within a team and with individual clients, communication techniques in crisis/suicidal situations and professional development.
At the end of each session, students will be required to present their practical work and a learning journal is used to allow trainers to follow the development of each student.